Starters – Les Entrees

A tower of lightly smoked Salmon,Ratatouille Truffle mayonnaise,Tarragon sauce € 14,50

Prawns poached in White Wine and Garlic, Lobster – beurre blanc  € 14,50

Scallops “ St. Jacques”, Sweet Potato cream, Sauce Hollandaise € 17,50

Tureen of coarsely made Goose liver, Balsamic Glaze and Truffle mayonnaise  € 16,50

Bique of Lobster, Prawns, Port € 15,00

Fish Dishes

Cod fillet, Roseval Potato, Vegetables and Tarragon sauce € 28,50

Duo of North Sea Fish, Roseval Potato, Lobster beurre blanc € 29,50

Meat Dishes

Fillet Steak, Vegetables, Potato Garnish and Wild Mushrooms sauce € 32,50

Lamb fillet and Lamb chop, Vegetables, Potato Garnish

Served with lamb Gravy € 29,50

“Gentse Waterzooi” Belgian local dish with Duck Confit, Cream, Potatoes

Served with Bread € 25,50

Veal Fillet Steak, Vegetables, Potato Garnish, Red Wine Jus € 32,50

Menu “Comme chez Georges”

Combination of Crab, Dutch Shrimps, smoked Salmon with Lobster beurre-blanc 

Duo of North Sea fish, with Spinach and Fennel

Veal Fillet Steak, mixed Vegatables and Red Wine sauce


€ 49,50

Menu “Gastronome”

This menu consists of five courses, prepared with what the market has to offer every day

€ 54,50

Menu “Gourmand”

In Belgium, this menu is called “the Walk”. It consists of seven courses of fish and meat.

€ 61,00

Menu “Cuisine du Marché”

A menu that consists of five courses of poultry and meat. Dessert is included.

€ 54,50

Menu du Chef 

Fried Scallops, Spinach and Sauce Hollandaise

“Gentse Waterzooi” Belgain local dish with Confit Duck

Tournedos Rossini, Duck Pâté, Red Wine Gravy and Potato Garnisch


€ 49,50

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