Starters – Les Entrees

A tower of lightly smoked Salmon,Ratatouille Truffle mayonnaise,Tarragon sauce € 14,50

Prawns poached in White Wine and Garlic, Lobster – beurre blanc  € 14,50

Scallops “ St. Jacques”, Sweet Potato cream, Sauce Hollandaise € 17,50

Tureen of coarsely made Goose liver, Balsamic Glaze and Truffle mayonnaise  € 16,50

Bique of Lobster, Prawns, Port € 15,00

Fish Dishes

Cod fillet, Roseval Potato, Vegetables and Tarragon sauce € 28,50

Duo of North Sea Fish, Roseval Potato, Lobster beurre blanc € 29,50

Meat Dishes

Fillet Steak, Vegetables, Potato Garnish and Wild Mushrooms sauce € 32,50

Lamb fillet and Lamb chop, Vegetables, Potato Garnish

Served with lamb Gravy € 29,50

“Gentse Waterzooi” Belgian local dish with Duck Confit, Cream, Potatoes

Served with Bread € 25,50

Veal Fillet Steak, Vegetables, Potato Garnish, Red Wine Jus € 32,50

Menu “Comme chez Georges”

Combination of Lobster, Dutch Shrimps, smoked Salmon with Lobster beurre-blanc 

Duo of North Sea fish, with Spinach and Fennel

Veal Fillet Steak, mixed Vegatables and Red Wine sauce


€ 49,50

Menu “Gastronome”

This menu consists of five courses, prepared with what the market has to offer every day

€ 54,50

Menu “Gourmand”

In Belgium, this menu is called “the Walk”. It consists of seven courses of fish and meat.

€ 61,00

Menu “Cuisine du Marché”

A menu that consists of five courses of poultry and meat. Dessert is included.

€ 54,50

Menu du Chef 

Fried Scallops, Spinach and Sauce Hollandaise

“Gentse Waterzooi” Belgain local dish with Confit Duck

Tournedos Rossini, Duck Pâté, Red Wine Gravy and Potato Garnisch


€ 49,50

From 15th October 2021

Game Menu 

Salad of Wild Duck, Smoked Ham of Venison

Jugged Hare with Ratatouille

Guinea Fowl filled with Wild Mushrooms, Sauerkraut, Red Wine Sauce

Steak of Venison, Potato garnish, Cognac Chestnut Sauce


€ 54,50

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